to develop long tenure homes
fostering rich sense of ownership

Platform Homes aims to :

Unlock off-the-market small sites

Match future residents housing needs with sites potential and design opportunities

Develop housing that is affordable, adaptable, and valued for its use in the long term

Build sustainably with innovative Modern Methods of Construction

Tower Hamlets Affordable Self Build Pilot


Platform Homes is currently developing intermediate affordable housing on a brownfield site in Christian St, E1, secured through a competitive bidding process on the GLA small sites portal.

With support of the Mayor of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Community Led Housing London, the project transforms a small vacant urban site into two large dwellings, while improving the local streetscape. A careful investigation of the impacts of the development on both neighbouring properties and existing community supported a design strategy towards the optimisation of density, buildability, and urban quality.

Local prospective homeseekers with interests in the metropolitan nature of the site and its central location, drove the design of a scheme maximising the 65sqm site footprint through innovative housing typologies. The 2 dwellings are arranged on four storeys in parallel series of spaces divided vertically, leading to brightly lit living areas on the upper floors. Commons also include productive spaces on the ground floor as well as a shared roof terrace with views on the City.

A sustainable approach to financing 'taking a long-term view’ was also developed to unlock a 250 years-long leasehold and ensure housing affordability while providing best capital value for the land. This affordability is to be protected in perpetuity for any future sales or lettings through a Section 106 agreement and leasehold covenants on the properties.

Affordability is a prime consideration in all aspects of the development of these dwellings, destined to first time buyers. In terms of construction, the proposed discount is underpinned by an approach combining the use of offsite manufactured components with the postponement of finishing building work, effectively unlocking potential for user-led customisation and sweat equity savings. Emphasis on adaptability in both design and construction specifications is also to support a long-term use value, and the easement of alterations, customisation, and repairs overtime.

Platform Homes is currently forming strategic collaborations with components manufacturers and specialist contractors to specify a panel-based hybrid construction system that is both cost-effective and flexible, and that also provides great thermal performances and long term Co2 storage. Parallel research and development work is underway to formalise a platform of building technologies to support economies of scale in future housing projects on small urban sites.

Tower Hamlets Self Build Programme



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